Because of the fresh fruit and milk,
The Best-Before Date is two hours, avoiding the bitter that produce by defrosting and pericarp.

Kumquat & Lemon Fiber Jelly Tea

Combination of kumquat and lemon gives you beauty and energy, gives you experience of sweet-sour, fragrant and fresh.

Orange & Grapefruit Fiber Jelly Tea

Combination of orange and grapefruit, let fresh taste fill your mouth. If you love fruit,it will be the best choice.

Peach Tea with Fresh Pulp

Dazzling sunlight wakes up the sweet from winter sleep, smile fruits sends out seductive aroma, expects the next second coming of surprises, glows with happiness!

Mango Tea with Fresh Pulp

Pick the Golden jewels of nature, breathe in full natural summer scent, you play the understated luxury of the particle.

Apple Tea with Fresh Pulp

Crisp, fresh diced apples into creamy, smooth, high quality pulp, enjoy exclusive beauty of classic good taste.

Kiwi Juice

Use whole kiwi to make up, without any addition. Nature, health and zero burden.