Because of the fresh fruit and milk,
The Best-Before Date is two hours, avoiding the bitter that produce by defrosting and pericarp.

Milk Tea

Refreshing taste of top class milk, dense milk aroma spread on tongue, matching with Yuchi black tea, lead you to experience totally different kind of enjoyment.

Green Milk Tea

Dense fragrance of milk match with sweet afrtertaste of green tea, deep and rich taste let you enjoy all kind of tea aroma.

Oolong Milk Tea

Sweet-baked oolong, dense fresh milk, when tradition meets fashion, double flavors bumps into new experience.

White Pearl Milk Tea

Powerfully biting, plump and round white pearls, milk tea that is sweet but not too sweet, mellow and easy to drink. Siping, sucking, biting and chewing are tasty and groovy-infinite.

Cocoa Milk

Rich cocoa with bittersweet fragrance, savoury and mellow milk with thick mouthfeel. Creamy and smooth cocoa add crispy oatmeal showing beauty of happiness much clearer.

Matcha Milk Tea

Sweet Japanese matcha floats in savoury and mellow milk, thick and creamy, smooth mouthfeel without addtion, the good taste is memorable.