Because of the fresh fruit and milk,
The Best-Before Date is two hours, avoiding the bitter that produce by defrosting and pericarp.

Wish Special Fruit Tea

Combine five kinds of fruit like passion fruit, orange, lemon pineapple and kumquat. It is to give you the greatest satisfaction!

Colorful Fruit Tea

Carefully selected six kinds of fresh fruit and totally upgrade. Apple, pineappele, kiwi, orange, passion fruit and kumquat enrich the mouthfeel!

Lemon Green Tea

100% fresh squeezed lemon juice, a collection of white and vitality. Adding green tea, the aroma of tea and plentiful vitamin C will dance in your mouth.

Sugarcane Bao Zhong Tea

Using sugarcane juice increase the savor of bao zhong tea, and balance the aroma of tea, show multilayer mouthfeel.

Sugarcane Lemon Bao Zhong Tea

A perfect combination of sugarcane, lemon and Bao Zhong Tea becomes reverberation between sweet and sour in mouth.

Passion Fruit Green Tea

Sweet-pulped, rich-aromaed, sweet-sour 100% Passion Fruit mixs with fresh and elegant green tea, the charming fragrance of tea and sweet-sour pellet of fruit fill whole mouth.

Kumquat Juice

The kumquat blends with orange, then you will enjoy the most perfect, refreshing mouthfeel.

Honey Lemon Juice

Combining honey and lemon juice, then adding healthy, refreshing aloes, let you gain health and beauty at same time.