Because of the fresh fruit and milk,
The Best-Before Date is two hours, avoiding the bitter that produce by defrosting and pericarp.

Steamed Green Tea (No Sugar Only)

Full of sweet, carefree fragrance, on one, carefully tastes delicate touch form master, perfection of flavors reverberate in the tongue and throat ……

Old Oolong Tea

Base on oolong tea, producing by different method, specially heavy baking aromas with rich and moist taste, fill with the intoxicating aroma of ripe fruit flowers.

Black Tea

Strictly select limited refined Taiwan black tea by Nantou master, choose flake-style tea. Every blades of tea are dancing and adequately extension, clear aroma of sweet smell is blowing, and for a long time can not be dispersed.

Green Tea

Micro-fermentation of jasmine green tea, produces by natural Jasmine incense, natural health, sweet aftertaste.

Bao Zhong Tea

Six hand-roasted tea, bring the high altitude atmosphere into another area of tea, enjoy mysterious method and multi-level mousefeel.