Because of the fresh fruit and milk,
The Best-Before Date is two hours, avoiding the bitter that produce by defrosting and pericarp.

Mango Jelly Coconut Milk

Change from fresh mango. Al dente and fruity jelly combines with coconut milk.

Honeydew Melon Milk

Pleasant aroma, natural honeydew melon combine with tasty and refreshing milk.

Orange Green Tea

100% fresh squeezed orange juice is full of the power of sunshine, adding fragrant green tea, the aroma of tea within sweet taste. The taste is fresh and mellow.

Grapefruit Green Tea

100% fresh squeezed grapefruit juice , a collection of health and vitality. Mixing with green tea, fruity sweet and sour will fill you mouth.

Mango Fruit Sorbet

Surprise of sunrise, magic of sweet taste! Fresh mango mixes with yoghurt, perfectly showing the best taste in season. No mater how choosy you are, you will be satisfied.

Mango Ice Blended

Set full of sunshine in mango ice blended, then interspersed large fresh mango dices. Let you enjoy multilayer good taste.

Guava & Lemon Blended

A little bit sour of lemon bumps into the sweet and crisp guava, subvert your tasting. Give you totally new experience of gustation!